Welcome to the world of scouting


7 - 11 YEARS

The cub motto is Do Your Best. Cubs belong to different packs and are the starting point of the movement.


11 - 18 YEARS

The scout motto is Be Prepared. Scouts belong to to different troops where they are divided into smaller units called patrols. It is here that you will work together as a team on all your adventures.


18 - 35 YEARS

The rover motto is Be of Service. Rovers are part of crews that are either part of a scouting group or a district. They are focused on personal development, improving the scouting movement, and service to their communities.

Why join the movement?

Scout law and promise

A personal voluntary commitment to a set of shared values, which is the foundation of everything a Scout does and a Scout wants to be. The Promise and Law are central to the Scout Method.

Learn by doing

The use of practical actions (real life experiences) and reflection(s) to facilitate ongoing learning and development.

Personal progression

A progressive learning journey focused on motivating and challenging an individual to continually develop, through a wide variety of learning opportunities.

Team system

The use of small teams as a way to participate in collaborative learning, with the aim of developing effective team work, inter-personal skills, leadership as well as building a sense of responsibility and belonging.

Adult support

Adults facilitating and supporting young people to create learning opportunities and through a culture of partnership to turn these opportunities into meaningful experiences.

Symbolic framework

A unifying structure of themes and symbols to facilitate learning and the development of a unique identity as a Scout.


Learning opportunities in the outdoors which encourage a better understanding of and a relationship with the wider environment

Community involvement

Active exploration and commitment to communities and the wider world, fostering greater appreciation and understanding between people.

Join over 38 million people around the world

Leaping Wolf

This is the top award a cub can achieve.


This is the top award a scout can achieve.

BP Award

This is the top award a rover can achieve

Make a life time of memories

We help the youth become better citizens


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